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Kitsilano, Vancouver’s beachside neighborhood, was a popular hangout spot for hippies in the 1960s, often compared to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury. Today, Kitsilano is still culturally rich, but the residential areas, including apartments and houses, are now occupied by young urban professionals and families who appreciate a contemporary version of the laid-back ambiance. The area is famous for being the birthplace of lululemon athletica, a global yoga brand. Kitsilano is situated just across the Burrard Bridge from the downtown peninsula and boasts a diverse array of attractions such as beaches, parks, residential streets, and several commercial districts. Locally known as “Kits,” the neighborhood is bordered by the waterfront to the north, West 16th Ave to the south, Burrard Street to the east, and Alma Street to the west. While most of the commercial activity takes place on West 4th Avenue and West Broadway, there are also plenty of shops and restaurants in the vicinity of the beach.

Situated between the ever-popular Granville Island and Point Grey, Kitsilano stretches along the south shore of English Bay and is renowned for being one of the city’s hubs for excellent food. The neighborhood boasts a wide range of restaurants and retail stores, particularly along West 4th Avenue and West Broadway.

If you look north from Burrard Bridge, you will see Vanier Park, a vast waterfront greenspace that is home to some of Vancouver’s top family-friendly attractions. These include the Museum of Vancouver, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. It is also the site of the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare festival, which runs from June to September every year. Follow the waterfront, and you’ll come across Kitsilano Beach, a bustling summer spot that features beach volleyball tournaments, picnics, and lots of beautiful people soaking up the sun. The famous Kitsilano Pool, a massive outdoor saltwater public pool located right by the beach, is a must-visit. In the summer months, the neighborhood is also host to various community festivals such as Greek Days on West Broadway and the Khatsalano Festival centered around West 4th Avenue.

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/duanestorey/369458022